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Preface                           six
MSS. 21,555); the second was kindly lent for collation by Messrs. Pearson. Both these letters are among those printed by Cunningham. The third, which is in the Morrison collection, is now published for the first time by kind permission of Mrs. Alfred Morrison.
Of the thirty-four letters to Hannah More, five of the originals were kindly lent for collation by Miss Drage of Hatfield, and one by Mrs. Macquoid of St. Albans. One letter is now printed for the first time from the original in the possession of Messrs. Maggs. Parts of two letters (not included by Cunningham) are reprinted from Messrs. Sotheby's Catalogue of July 14, 1896 (lots 344 * and 3452).
I particularly regret not having been able to see the originals of the rest of the letters to Hannah More, as several of those which have passed through my hands have been tampered with, and disfigured by the cancelling of passages, the erasure of proper names, and, worse than all, by the insertion (apparently in the handwriting of Hannah More herself) of words and phrases which Walpole never wrote.
For instance in the letter of Sept. 1789 (Cunningham's edition, vol. ix. pp. 218-21, No. 2,710 in the present edition) two paragraphs and a postscript have been cancelled, and a name obliterated beyond recovery. In the letter of Sept. 29, 1791 (Cunningham's edition, vol. ix. pp. 352-4, No. 2,824 in the present edition), where Horace Walpole has mentioned Mrs. Barbauld in an uncomplimentary manner, his remarks have been toned down by the insertion (in another handwriting) of the words 'whom you admire/ whilst the words 'of compassion' have been substituted for
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